Global Partnership For Sharks and Rays

Global Manta Conservation Programme

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Manta rays, one of the most charismatic species in our oceans, are under threat from illegal fishing and the demand for traditional medicines in Asian markets. The Manta Trust, founded in 2011, is working to protect these species through coordinated global research and conservation efforts.

GPSR’s work with The Manta Trust supports efforts to reduce the key threat that fisheries pose to manta and mobula rays. The project aims to ensure that relevant and comprehensive policies are in place to regulate the trade in, and fishing of, rays in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Peru so that governments and local communities can support and embrace protective measures. 

In addition, the grant supports the development of a five-year strategic plan and funding strategy for The Manta Trust’s work on global mobulid conservation. 

Global Partnership For Sharks and Rays

Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Our work is divided into six main program areas – Wildlands Conservation, Oceans Conservation, Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, Transforming California, and Innovative Solutions.

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