Global Partnership For Sharks and Rays

Improve the Conservation Status of Threatened Shark and Ray Species in the South Western Indian Ocean Region

Creative Commons: Kevin Leno

More than 210 shark and ray species globally can be found in the southwest Indian Ocean, and over 55 are endemic to the region; however, roughly 25% of these species are considered threatened. 

To protect these species, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is working in collaboration with regional governments and marine experts in Madagascar, Tanzania, and Kenya to improve shark and ray conservation efforts through a mix of policy initiatives and field-based conservation in priority sites. WCS is developing evidence-based national roadmaps for shark and ray conservation that are based on best available science to achieve wide national ownership in the target countries. 

The project is implementing shark and ray fisheries management, monitoring, and conservation measures in priority seascapes in the southwest Indian Ocean region.

Global Partnership For Sharks and Rays

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