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InsideClimate News: Exposing Climate Risks And Climate Deniers

Alberta Tarsands. Creative Commons, Kris Krug

LDF grantee InsideClimate News (ICN) has been busy at work pursuing essential and watchdog journalism related to the climate crisis, clean energy and the reversal of U.S. climate action emanating from the Oval Office. Recently, the Pulitzer Prize-winning organization launched a clean economy weekly newsletter serving the public and policy makers with a weekly roundup of expert, analytical intelligence on clean energy news. 

The nonprofit’s non-partisan in-depth reporting has been instrumental in shining a light on the conduct and context of the Trump Administration’s steps to slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) budget and discredit climate science. 

ICN senior reporter Neela Banerjee broke an important story, far ahead of every major news outlet, analyzing the potential partnership on climate inaction between Russia and the U.S..

ICN’s persistent and widely shared reporting on environmental justice recently broke the news that there will be no spill response plan near Standing Rock when the Dakota Access pipeline is turned on, as well as the resignation of the EPA’s chief environmental justice official. 

ICN has also regularly been called upon as thought leaders in the climate arena. Banerjee was interviewed on a San Francisco’s public radio station about US-Russia climate politics while director of strategic development Beth Daley moderated a Harvard University panel on climate change and the Trump administration. Publisher David Sassoon gave a talk on Fake news at a Knight Foundation event in Miami. 

Perhaps the most important reporting on Exxon’s financial risks related to tar sandswas provided by ICN. They also reported on the New York attorney general’s investigations into Exxon stemming from their 2015 expose of the company and its attempts to discredit climate science, and have since been following up with additional stories, including the Exxon’s move to write off its oil sands reserves. 

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