International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

Jerry Reid

Ocean acidification (OA) has increased by 30 percent and is expected to double over pre-industrial levels by the end of this century as a result of the ocean absorbing one-third of the atmospheric carbon dioxide. The increased levels of acidification are degrading marine ecosystems and directly threatening marine species. Unfortunately action of OA on a policy level has been held back due to lack of understanding of the issue, and a missing linkage to climate change.

The International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance) was formed by the states of California, Washington, and Oregon to bring together jurisdictions from across the globe to combat ocean acidification and other climate-related changes to ocean conditions that are an immediate and critical threat to coastal economies, jobs and ocean ecosystems. The primary goals of the OA Alliance are to:

1. Elevate the issue of ocean acidification in the policy and political realm; 

2. Assist in developing unique OA Action plans for each Alliance member; and 

3. Add strong ocean protection language to international climate agreements.

LDF will support the continued development of the OA Alliance on an international stage. Activities will include increasing the number of government and affiliate members, as well as supporting the development of OA Action Plans for members. 

Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Our work is divided into six main program areas – Wildlands Conservation, Oceans Conservation, Climate Change, Indigenous Rights, Transforming California, and Innovative Solutions.

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