• Nature for Water: protection of ecosystems is key to water security

    UNDP and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation release white paper detailing the need for environmental conservation to help address a growing water crisis.

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  • View from space reveals extent of fishing on global ocean

    Last month, the journal Science published a remarkable new study that reveals the staggering expanse of global fishing in unprecedented resolution. More than 55% of the ocean surface is subject to industrial fishing. By area, fishing's footprint is now over four times that of agriculture.

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  • On World Water Day, a campaign kicks off for #LessOilMoreWater

    Amazon Frontlines is launching the #LessOilMoreWater campaign to help reach the goal of bringing clean drinking water to indigenous families affected by oil contamination in the Amazon.

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  • We can’t burn our way out of the climate crisis

    Burning trees in power plants is a vision from Mordor, not one of clean energy, but electricity generation from wood and other biomass is growing around the world, spurred on by billions in renewable energy subsidies.

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